The registration for NWERC 2021 is now open and takes place on the ICPC registration system. Registration closes on November 12th.

Each team must have a non-student coach that is associated with the institution they represent. Details about valid team compositions are described on the rules page. In particular, each institution may send up to 3 teams to NWERC 2021.

To register, the coach of the teams must do the following:

  • Check that your institution is in the NWERC region. If you have any doubts about whether you are counted as part of this region, please contact us.
  • Check carefully that all team members are eligible according to the eligibility diagram.
  • Fill in the registration form for NWERC 2021 - Online contest and assign yourself as a coach. If the team was already registered in the ICPC system for one of the NWERC subregionals, you may instead have to "promote" the team to NWERC, choosing the site "NWERC 2021 - Online contest".
  • Make sure all team members fill in their ICPC profiles, completing the registration.
  • When the NWERC organizers have reviewed your registration, teams will be marked as Approved in the registration system. Any further instructions will be sent out via email.